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Process Transmitters backbone of process automation | high accuracy with exceptional reliability | large selection of designs and versions facilitae their integration into your process world

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Digital Process Transmitter MP 26

MP26- simple load cell transmitter for evaluating the weighing data from hopper scales. The DIN rail-mounting and front operating display simplify installation. more…

MP 26 4 load cells of 350 OHM
PR 5220 Ethernet Transmitter

PR 5220 Ethernet TCP/IP Transmitter: Full Digital Signal Processing with up to 4.8 Mio Divisions Internal Resolution

PR 5220 PR 5220 Ethernet Transmitter
PR1590 Analogue Load Cell Transmitters

The analog load cell transmitter for tank scales, container scales and hopper weighers. Models equipped with intrinsically safe load cells can also be more…

PR 1590/24

PR 1590/66

PR 1591/00

PR 1591/10


?15 V or 24 VDC/AC according to NAMUR

Intrinsically safe version (CENELEC)

Field housing (IP 65) two relays for setpoints

Field housing (IP 65) with display two relays for setpoints


PR 5210 Fieldbus Transmitters

The compact process field bus transmitter for particularly easy connection of tank or hopper scales to PLC over Profibus or analog 0/4-20mA output connection. more…

PR 5210/00

PR 5210/10

PR 5210/11

Compact Fieldbus Transmitter PR 5210

Compact Fieldbus Transmitter PR 5210

Compact Fieldbus Transmitter PR 5210