PC Data Transfer Tools

PC Data Transfer Tools software and hardware tools cover all requirements for connecting and networking scales, analyzers and sensors. pc data interfaces offer a wide range of software modules to connect nearly any measuring equipment with a serial interface via networks to qa systems or even to customer-specific database systems.

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GMP Connect

Sartorius GMP Connect: Verifiable PC-display or remote display for Sartorius scales, meets the requirements acc. to cGMP.

GMP Connect GMP Connect
OPC Server

Sartorius OPC Server: Standardized interface for integration of Sartorius weighing equipment in higher-level electronic data processing systems.

OPC OPC Server
Com2TCP/IP Data Acquisition Software

Sartorius SPCfWin Com Com2TCP/IP: Tool for data aquisition of nearly all types of measuring equipment via seiral or Ethernet interfaces.

SPCfWin Com Com2TCP/IP

Sartorius WINscale: Verifiable PC-display and verifiable Alibi memory with approval for storing electronic weight values on a PC

WINscale Winscale

Sartorius xNet -Monitor: Software for collecting data for Sartorius scales via RS485.

xNet xNet-Monitor
UniCon Ethernet Data Collection Software

UniCon Ethernet Data Collection Software: Software for collecting data for Sartorius scales via Ethernet (TCP/IP)

UniCon UniCon Software