Explosion Proof Scale Systems

Explosion Proof Scale Systems explosion protected weighing equipment meets the market requirements in compliance with the provisions governing the most diverse types of explosion protection. the is explosion-protected scales combine the best accuracy and filter algorithms for reliable weighing data with unique functionality and operator convenience. additionally, sartorius offers complete explosion proof scale systems that come preconfigured with different application levels.

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Economy EX Stainless Steel Scale

Sartorius Economy EX Stainless Steel Scale: Capacity- 3-3000kg, Resolution- 0.2-200g, Pan/Platform- 11 to select from

EC1XS1 3-3000kg
Safe Area Power Supply

Sartorius YPS02-ZUR Power Supply for Explosion-Proof Balances

YPS02-ZUR Safe Area Power Supply
Signum EX Series

Signum Ex ? this outstanding, reliable product range from Sartorius offers extraordinary safety for the most stringent of requirements. Based on the established moreā€¦






1.3 lb / 0.62 kg

6.8 lb / 3.1 kg

13.5 lb / 6.1 kg

6.8 lb / 3.1 kg