Explosion Proof Bases

Explosion Proof Bases intrinsically safe explosion-protected analogue platforms: as weight sensors, these platforms are flexible for use with other suitable products of the sartorius group ranging from stand-alone weighing workstations (with an indicator set up in the hazardous area) to process equipment configurations connected to transmission or control systems (transmitters or controllers set up in a hazardous area for recipe weighing, batching and filling systems).

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Safe Area Power Supply

Sartorius YPS02-ZUR Power Supply for Explosion-Proof Balances

YPS02-ZUR Safe Area Power Supply
Combics Explosion Proof Bases

Intrinsically safe explosion-protected analogue platforms for weighing ranges from 0.1 g up to 3 t. As weight sensors, these platforms are flexible for more…






150 lb / 60 kg

150 lb / 60 kg

15 lb / 6 kg

200 lb / 100 kg


IS-EX Bench Scale Series

Intrinsically safe digital precision platforms for use in automated processes with approval for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas, designs EDE and IGG: also more…






150 kg / 330 lb

16 kg / 35 lb

300 kg / 660 lb

34 kg / 75 lb