Portable Wheel Weighers

Portable Wheel Weighers stand alone | cabled units | internal display | portability

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MD400 Portable Wheel Load Weigher

GEC MD400 Portable Wheel Load Weigher: Capacity- 20,000 lb, Readability- 20 lb, Pan- 10" x 11".

MD400 20,000 lb
Portable Truck Scale Rental

The Scale People Portable Truck Scale Rental: Capacity- 100,000 lb, Platform- 10' x 70'

TR-100-M 100,000 lb
RW-S/L Wheel Weigher Series

The RW-S/L Wheel Weighing Scale is designed for mobile weight inspection. Connect up to 6 scales for multi-axle weighing. Ideal for mobile weight inspections more…






10,000 lb

10,000 lb

10,000 lb

10,000 lb


RW-P Wheel Weigher Series

The RW-P Wheel Weighing Scale is designed for portability, yet is sturdy enough for any type of vehicle. Multiple configurations can be achieved with the more…




20,000 lb

30,000 lb

RW-2601P Indicator