Detecto Detecto Scale, an ISO-9001 certified scale manufacturer, markets a complete line of quality weighing products for the healthcare, food service and shipping/logistics industries. Founded in 1900, Detecto Scale is the largest medical scale manufacturer in the United States.

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Mechanical Baby Seat Scale (LB/KG)

Detecto Mechanical Baby Seat Scale (LB/KG): Capacity- 40 lb / 17.5 kg, Readability- 0.5 oz / 10 g, Pan- .

Detecto IB In-Bed Scales

Detecto's USA-made in-bed scales are designed to securely and comfortably weigh bed-ridden and non-ambulatory?patients. These hydraulic lift scales feature more…

Digital Baby Tray Scale

Detecto Digital Baby Tray Scale: Capacity- 30 lb / 15 kg, Readability- 0.1 oz / 0.005 kg, Pan- 26" x 12".

Detecto Wheelchair Scales

Ideal for use in hospitals, doctors' offices, and home healthcare visits, each wheelchair scale?allows clinicians to easily subtract the weight of a wheelchair, more…

Mechanical Baby Tray Scale (LB)

Detecto Mechanical Baby Tray Scale (LB): Capacity- 41 lb, Readability- 1/4 oz, Pan- 24" x 11.5".

Rolling Baby Scale Cart

Detecto SPBT-728 Rolling Baby Scale Cart

Detecto Chair Scales

Detecto's USA-made seated weighing options simplify the process and are designed with patient comfort and safety in mind. Each chair scale allows patients more…

Digital Wall-Mount Fold Up Wheelchair Scale

Detecto 7550 Digital Wall-Mount Fold Up Wheelchair Scale: Capacity 1000 lb x 0.2 lb / 450 kg x 0.1 kg, 32.3" x 33" platform.

Digital Pediatric Seat Scale

Detecto Digital Pediatric Seat Scale: Capacity- 44 lb / 20 kg, Readability- 0.05 lb / 0.02 kg, Pan- .

MS Mail Scale Series- Discontinued

Detecto's American-made MS Series mail scales have been discontinued.

Digital Pediatric Tray Scale

Detecto Digital Pediatric Tray Scale: Capacity- 130 lb / 59 kg, Readability- 0.1 lb / 0.05 kg, Pan- 22" x 21".

6800 Digital Bariatric Scale Series

Ideal for clinical weighing applications, low-profile design for patient comfort. With a built-in carrying handle, this American-made scale is easy to more…

Mechanical Baby Tray Scale (KG)

Detecto Mechanical Baby Tray Scale (KG): Capacity- 20.5 kg, Readability- 10 g, Pan- 24" x 11.5".

Sonaris Sonar Touchless Stadiometer

Sonaris Sonar Touchless Stadiometer measures 0 to 9 feet

Detecto Digital Physician Scales | Mechanical Height Rod

The Detecto Apex eye-level digital physician?scale features inline mechanical height rods and an extra-wide, flat platform measuring?17 in W x 17 in D more…

Detecto Digital Physician Scales | Sonar Height Rod

Detecto's industry-leading physician scales are used every day in the medical profession by doctors and nurses around the world. Doctor scales measure more…

Rolling Baby Scale Cart

Detecto SPBT-728 Rolling Baby Scale Cart

AS Parcel Scale Series

Detecto's PC-compatible AS series are perfect for all parcel shipping needs whether in a mail room, shipping department or warehouse. Featuring a 0.5 inch more…