Since 1907, Ohaus focus has remained solely focused on what they know best:  mass measurement.  They have never strayed far from their roots, making it the mission to develop and improve their balances, scales, moisture analyzers and analytical instruments to ensure their product portfolio consists of products that are modern, economical, and easy-to-use.

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Starter 5000 pH Meters

The Starter 5000 high performance pH bench meter from Ohaus is enhanced by a 1000 item library, 10 sensors for calibration storage, 8 predefined and 1 more…

Starter 400D DO Portable Meter

The Starter 400D portable dissolved oxygen meter from Ohaus features optical technology for accurate measurements.

Starter 3100C Conductivity Meter

The Starter 3100C Conductivity Meter is the right meter for standard laboratory applications.

Starter 3100 pH Meters

The Starter 3100 pH bench meter features intuitive software, 3 point calibration, 3 buffer groups, automatic and manual endpoint functions and a 99 item more…

Starter 300D DO Portable Meter

The Starter 300D portable dissolved oxygen meter features a galvanic electrode that can be used immediately after being powered on, avoiding the typical more…

Starter 300C Conductivity Portable Meter

The starter 300C portable conductivity meter has a built-in temperature sensor and a 4 pole linear electrode that safeguards itself from polarization and more…

Starter 300 pH Portable Meter

The Starter 300 portable pH meter feature automatic and manual temperature compensation and a 30 measurement data library.

Starter 2100 pH Meters

The Starter 2100 pH bench meter is the economical choice for basic laboratory applications.

Ohaus Electrodes

All Ohaus electrodes include a temperature sensor, which powers automatic temperature compensation and ensures accurate measurements.

Starter Dissolved Oxygen Pen

Starter Pen Meters: Simple | Fast | Straightforward | No Frills Operation

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