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Welcome to The Scale People

COVID-19 Bulletin

To our valued customers,

The Scale People, Inc. & Lab People, Inc. continue to closely monitor the coronavirus outbreak for its potential impacts and is taking appropriate actions to support and safeguard our employees and customers. We have updated our response given the changes to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have restrictions for visitors coming to your location we are offering additional service options so that our technicians can access your equipment and ensure it remains in calibration:

1) All labs are capable of receiving equipment sent in to them. Our team will be gloved and will clean all incoming equipment for the protection of our employees and our customers. We will also clean and sanitize your equipment before it leaves our lab. Our cleaning process will not impact the integrity or operation of any equipment.

2) We are offering a free pick-up and delivery within a 50 mile radius. If your facility has specific social distancing measures in place for shipping and receiving please alert your local coordinator when you schedule pick up and our technician will comply.

3) We are still receiving equipment dropped off by customers. Please expect to be met by a gloved technician and please do not be offended if we skip the handshake.

To read full bulletin, please click here!

The Scale People, Inc. has serviced, calibrated, and sold the best equipment in weighing and measuring technology for more than 57 years. The Scale People team is dedicated to providing custom solutions that best fit your individual business needs by supplying service and expertise in installation and maintenance of any weighing system. We specialize in quality calibration and repair services on balances, scales, force measurement, dynamometers, test weights, as well as a variety of other weighing equipment. All of our services are ISO/IEC 17025 and GLP/GMP accredited. World class sales and service is our goal and we achieve this by being a customer-centric, customer driven organization.